Retail CRM – Just when you thought you had already sold your soul

  • Team Omega
  • August 22, 2011

Enter Instant Camera Recognition technology. With all the personal information that is out there, this is possibly the only missing piece – A face being attached to the complete personal details of people existing in databases around us. Private databases are already becoming public when they reach the wrong hands. As it is, for a few bucks one can easily get the entire history of a person. Selling your soul and entire being? Opening up your mind and behavioral psychology to the world?

The Carnegie-Mellon university researchers are experimenting with face recognition technology kicking in and following every little move a person makes when he or she enters a retail environment. Shopping patterns and purchases; logging that information and adding them to their personal profile. Now there is an entire new market for the hackers.

With all this happening at one end, does data security stand a chance? PCI compliance is a challenge but seems manageable when compared to Data Security.