Who has the time for data security ?

  • Team Omega
  • May 17, 2016

Data securityData security is an ever moving target. With attacks becoming progressively sophisticated, companies are constantly vulnerable. Most organizations don’t even know if they are breached, and do not have the ability to assess that until a devastating incident takes place.

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Who has the time for data security?

IT professionals definitely don’t. With several priorities competing with each other, it leaves them very little time to attend to security. Even organizations with a large IT staff would much rather have someone else deal with it. Business owners may think otherwise.

Time being one, there are other honest answers to several questions that need to be considered to get IT pros and executives in alignment. A few are listed here:

  1. Can external breaches be avoided so organizations never have to worry about them?
  2. Can insider threats be eliminated?
  3. Would a patchwork of solutions from third-parties make it affordable?
  4. What are the ongoing expenses to prevent breaches?
  5. What are the costs of remediation if a breach happens?
  6. What are the damaging impacts of a breach?
    • Loss of employee productivity?
    • End user downtime?
    • Loss of customer trust?
    • Recovery costs?
    • Legal expenses?
  7. Is there an expert in-house to handle the various parts of data security?

Without going into in-depth explanations the answers point to the need for data security solutions to protect an organization, ongoing expenses to be included in yearly budgets, and the assistance of expert managed security service providers like Omega.

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