Data Security AND Systems Management – All In One!

  • Team Omega
  • May 5, 2012

There are a lot of similarities between the processes used to generally manage your business computers and those that secure them from attacks.  

When a security solution is built upon a full blown systems management solution, and implemented with that in mind, you often can use that same security solution to,

  • track operating system security patches
  • deploy
  • track your applications or your business specific files

Your security solution can also be used,

  • to monitor system performance of critical file
  • to monitor servers
  • to help you provide exceptional pro-active service to your users through ticketing management, you can realize substantial addition benefits.  

Why not find a single Retail Systems Management AND Security Solution that does both well? Save on capital expense, IT training time, expense, and reduce the number of vendors you must interface with.

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