Should employers allow social networking at the workplace? Part II

  • Team Omega
  • June 11, 2012

Last posting on this topic focused on the liabilities of allowing employees visit social media sites during work hours.  Following is a different point of view.

Another school of thought on allowing employees spend time on social media sites during work hours is that if there is managed access to these sites, the upshots will work in favor of employers.

Social networking could be especially useful to employees in Human Resources to find the right recruits for a job. For marketing and communications people, it could be a great tool for watching trends in the market place and research the sites for ideas. Some experts also believe that banning social networking can affect the proficiency levels of high achievers.

Here are some key benefits to allowing workers access social networking sites:

  • Keeps them better informed about advances in their fields of expertise
  • Helps them deal with problems and arrive at solutions quickly by sharing information
  • More exposure to brands and company products
  • Increases ranking of company name in search engines

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