The password conundrum

  • Team Omega
  • August 22, 2013

I am sure if you are in the technology field and have either a laptop, computer, iPad, or an iPhone, (quite likely all) and, if you shop online or are a member of a social media group, you probably have at least about 25 to 30 passwords in all to remember. This would be the bare minimum.  How about adding to the mix your work authentications? 

How would you remember them without making a note of them somewhere?  This can be a headache, especially if you are forgetting your passwords and have to keep requesting a reset.  Most of us fall into this pattern of using very identifiable passwords, that can be repeated and reused in several ways.  Our methods of using ‘unique’ passwords actually are quite ‘un-unique’ and similar such as children’s names, pet’s names, birthdays of family members and so on.  This is specifically one of the reasons why hackers can effortlessly reach our personal information or our company data.

The easy way to keep your passwords unique is to use passphrases. Such as a memorable event related to some date or someone.  For eg. ##13WasMoms50th##!  So here you have upper case, lower case, number and symbol.  This is a phrase that’s easy to remember and stronger than average passwords.

For business, using passphrases related to your company, coworkder, location such as this !!KatSitsAcrossAcctng0813!! can be transfered between platforms.  To maintain some consistency across all areas, the password can be changed every 3 months.

PCI DSS requirement 2) focuses specifically on password rules.  If you require help on any or all of the 12) requirements for your data security and PCI Compliance needs, call Omega at 636-557-7777.