The secret to one smart, simple answer for all systems management and data security needs of Retailers

  • Team Omega
  • August 5, 2012

The questions most often asked by IT Management and Retailers are, ‘how do I get past day-to-day routine IT tasks when it consumes most of my time. How do I find the time to attend to important lucrative projects or deal with the data security needs of the business’?

Centralized Management
The key is centralized management.  Every retailer deserves a solution that will make IT systems management more efficient, less time-consuming, and less costly, regardless of size.  Automation and a centralized approach using Omega will do that for you.  Automating recurring tasks–like logging, patching, management of network and software updates — will free up your time.

Let Omega help you
Centralized systems management is vital to preventing vulnerabilities, keeping your network organized, manageable, up-to-date, safe and secure. Omega can do it without sending businesses into a sticker shock. 
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