The truth is out, revealed by Visa

  • Team Omega
  • September 10, 2011

Any retailer who is serious about dealing with PCI compliance sure knows what merchant level they are at. A smaller retailer like a Level 3 or 4 who lives in the world of denial may not know only because PCI compliance is a botheration to them.

Well, here is a report recently announced by Visa on the compliance status of Level 3 merchants. The Level 3 merchant compliance statistics is at a scary level of 60%. Visa has not released the stats for Level 4 merchants quite possibly because it is worse than 60%.

Retailers don’t understand that customers’ data breach is a serious issue and can jeopardize the existence of their business. Just because they have not been breached until now doesn’t mean there are no chances of it happening down the road. If they think of PCI compliance and data security similar to a medical or auto maintenance expense, they would realize that it is not a wasted measure.