Viruses: Ways in which they get into our systems

  • Team Omega
  • May 1, 2012

1. Via Emails
Avoid attachments and even opening emails unless you know they are from an authentic source.

2. USB drives, external drives, memory cards
Do not trust anybody bringing in a device unless you are able to scan and verify they are clean of viruses

3. The Internet can be quite vulnerable.  Every unknown site poses potention virus threats. Hyperlinks are possible culprints.  It’s better not to click on links that you haven’t heard of.  Always use updated browsers and patch as recommended by the browser as they may have fixed possible bugs related to malicious code removal.

4. Be very wary of downloads from Websites.  If it is a known site, it may not be a problem.

5. Using a free service to download files could put your content in danger of possible malicious viruses.

6. Chat sites leave channels open to hackers for embedding malicious code.  Accepting files that come through these channels or sending files through them can be harmful.

7. Purchases of new devices are not beyond the possibility of carrying viruses in them. Malware has a way of making their way into devices through the software if the system is already infected during manufacturing and something is embedded in the software.

8. Social networking sites.  This is quite obvious especially if you follow a link that is attached to a twitter or a discussion in LinkedIn.  Once again make sure you can trust the source before clicking on the link.

9. Never enter information into a form from a random Web site that asks for personal details.  Sometimes you may be asked to go to another site to download information and follow through with what they want you to do.  All along the way there is a threat of viruses getting into your system.

10. Following security guidelines are extremely important, in addition to installing antivirus, antimalware, patching, logging, firewall installation,  and so on.

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