What can you do to make security processes as routine as every other piece of your work responsibility?

  • Team Omega
  • January 2, 2013
Sudden enforcement of disciplines can frustrate employess and make them completely ignore a process. A good way to ease them into something like  information security is to make it a part of the work culture.
Here are some ways that can make setting up the security processes successful.
  1. Help the employee understand what they may gain or lose?
    • Let the employees know strong security policies are necessary to protect the employees’ own interest. If company information gets into the hands of competitors, it could hurt the company and in turn the employees. 
    • If hackers get secure and confidential information it could jeopardize the success or even survival of the business.
  2. If it is insistence on use of strong passwords that you want to drive home, educate them in a fun way. Prepare them for a short quiz in your training session and ask them to come up most commonly used passwords. Then reward the people who get it right.
  3. Bring in an expert to talk to them. By sharing examples of say hacking incidents, they can make their point.  
  4. Guide them along the way by providing feedback on their choice of passwords.
  5. Keep re-enforcing the above in a friendly way until followed and a culture develops.