‘Man in the browser attack’, a new Malware that invades the security of financial transactions

  • Team Omega
  • December 30, 2013

‘Man in the browser attack’ at this point is limited to financial frauds, but could spread to other areas.  The attack is now being targeted only at Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers on Windows because the method used to create the attack is quite expensive.

Here’s how it happens…

A Trojan horse gets installed on the user’s browser which can successfully tamper,  change, or corrupt a transaction.  The transaction is carried by the user in the same manner as any other by entering usernames and passwords.  But in transit, is intercepted by the hacker who then changes the information by using data that he has created thus modifying the transaction.  The user doesn’t notice anything during the process, whereas in reality the financial information is being siphoned out by the hacker.

Experts say that ‘man in the browser attack’ is difficult to prevent because ‘the activity takes place between the user and the security mechanisms within that user’s browser’.

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