What is the risk of cyber threats to your operation today?

  • Team Omega
  • August 6, 2011

Recently a new index and consistent way of measuring the level or risk presented by cyber security threats to organizations was released by two highly-respected security specialists Dan Geer and Mukul Pareek.

This monthly index is derived from surveying 300 security pros including:

  • Chief Risk Officers and their direct reports
  • Chief Information Security Officers and their direct reports
  • Selected academicians engaged in field work
  • Selected security product vendors’ Chief Scientists or equivalent

This index like a stock market index is calculated using a documented formula on 15 different surveyed areas of risk, most of which relate to the very same risks faced by retailers and are very important to payment card security.   It could be used to help formulate budgeting and planning for security efforts, measuring risk to an organization over time, and make other it resource balancing decisions retailers must make in the coming years.  You can get the latest index number for the month and read more about the method used to derive this index from http://cybersecurityindex.org.