What’s on your boarding pass? How can that data be used and abused?

  • Team Omega
  • October 12, 2015

If you are in touch and aware of data security, am sure you have wondered what information is on that bar code on your boarding ticket!

There is a lot there. A reader of Kreb’s Security was able to research this and found a site that can decode the data on a boarding ticket. He was able to find the name, frequent flyer number, PII (personally identifiable information), and record locator. By going to the ‘airline’s site and using the last name (which was encoded in the bar code) and the record locator, he was able to get access to his entire account’. Once on the airline’s site, he could see the person’s future flights. Plus, of course the phone number, when and where the person traveled to in prior flights, etc.

The standards for the boarding pass bar codes are widely available and have been for years. Read more on bar code standards and how they have been used. Next time think again before throwing away your duplicate boarding passes or prints.

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