Wireless Intrusion Prevention. How do you stop devices from connecting to your secure corporate network?

  • Team Omega
  • June 15, 2012

Why should you care?  What are you doing about this?

Unmanaged devices are connecting to your secure corporate network – iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tablets. Most of these BYODs (bring your own devices) are unapproved. With just a corporate login credential, employees are connecting their devices to the network. Voila! Your enterprise network opens up to a multitude of possibilities — breaches, data leaks, malware and viruses. Your organization’s and your customer’s data are in jeopardy.  This is a scary situation and happening now in many organizations.  What do you do?

There’s a simple solution. Counter that with Omega’s BYOD-secure Wi-Fi Solution. WIPS: WIRELESS INTRUSION PREVENTION.  JUST ONE SENSOR.  That’s all you may need depending on area coverage.

WIPS provides network access to only approved devices, blocks unapproved smart devices and rogue access points (APs) trying to get to the enterprise network. Open this data sheet to understand the features and benefits. You have the flexibility to one or a combination of these options – purchase, install or support for incredibly low prices.

Email pci@omeasecure.com if you are interested in a 15-minute conversation.