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On March 6, 2013

Do not fear the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

Companies dread the idea of filling out all 286 controls of the SAQ-D form.  The stress for many comes not from answering 'yes' to the controls on the form, but from the thought that you may not be doing what the SAQ asks of you as a merchant.  PCI-DSS is filled with many complicated steps for ach ...

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On February 18, 2013

Assigning an administrator to manage network and data security

This is an important question to think about before acting.  An administrator has extreme privileges and should be a person who'll take the role seriously.  Some things to consider before giving the administrator overpowering control.

  1. Should this person be the only administrator?
  2. < ...

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On September 19, 2011

Role of a Security Strategist

A Security Strategist should be able to do the following for you:

  • Help you complete the majority of the 280+ SAQ -- a major step in the compliance process.
  • Conduct an operation-wide compliance review to identify potential areas of credit card breach and the potential monetary ex ...

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